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Category Archives: Editing

The Editors’ Mile High Club

I’ll admit it: the editor’s version of the Mile High Club just isn’t as sexy as the original. We try, what with all that sensual red ink and bumpy-looking notes from the turbulence, but it just doesn’t have the same kind of allure as bonking in the bathroom at 37,000 feet. Still, editing on a [...]

Why Editing Can Ruin (or Save) a Romance

Writers are world-renowned for their romantic whims and emotional dramatics, but editors are lovers too. Though we may grapple with the muses far less often or simply be saner than our creative counterparts, our craft can just as easily be the downfall (or the saving grace) of our romantic relationships. How Editing Ruins Romance Besides [...]

Mommy Me: An Editor’s Take on Parenting

In the April/May 2011 issue of Bust magazine, Liv Tyler said this when asked about the job of mothering as a creative endeavor: Well, [kids] just come out who they are! You’re so quick to judge parents. To judge humans on how they were raised, to judge parents for what they did. But you see [...]

Why Two Writing Heads are Better Than One

With the death of a child, many parents don’t end up staying together long after. Why? Shouldn’t such a monumentally difficult experience draw people closer together? Not necessarily. When both people are going through the grief process concurrently, they have little energy to offer their partner. This isn’t the case in every heart-breaking challenge, but [...]

An Editor’s New Year’s Resolutions

I resolve to stop making my writers wait so damn long to get pagesback. I have work from months ago that I haven’t looked at yet and it’s going to either move on without me (sad for me) or be given up on (sad for the writer). I resolve to buy more blue pens. It’s [...]