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The Writers’ Doula is about the writers behind the writers: editors. Lots of writers blog about their starving artist’s experience and lots of copyeditors have their grammar snob vengeance in blogging. But this site is about exploring what a great editor-writer relationship looks like. And being kind of a smart ass in the process.

Who am I to have a say? My name is Tricia Rosetty, and I’m a young editor working with likewise young writers to figure out this literature-in-the-real-world thing.

I’m a recent transplant in Central Pennsylvania from Central Texas. I made the 1,600 mile move to work as a content strategist for a design firm, and it’s definitely feeding my need to edit and simply make copy better.

Any time I’m not working, I’m busy being disturbingly domestic for a feminist and reading as much as I can. I live  with my hopelessly happy rescue mutt Paparazzi. He just won’t stop following me.

Have something you think I should cover? Looking for an editor to work with? Shoot me an email at contact(at)thewritersdoula(dot)com.

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