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Monthly Archives: November 2010

I “Give a Fuck About the Oxford Comma”

Vanity Fair Executive Online Editor Michael Hogan interviewed the Columbia-educated band Vampire Weekend about their controversial, at least in punctuation circles, song Oxford Comma. The opening line, “Who gives a fuck about an Oxford comma?” raises eyebrows for those of us who do. While the song’s overall meaning has sparked lively, though authority devoid, debate, [...]

The Moulin Rouge Guide to Editing

As my college roommate knows better than anyone, Moulin Rouge is my go-to movie for stressful times. I’ve watched it so often that I’ve actually had to replaced my original copy because it stopped working. So, what meaningful editorial lessons have I drawn from watching this absinth-driven extravaganza of pop culture time and time again? [...]

I May Be New, But…

I wanted to take this opportunity to make a few notes about growing pains The Writers’ Doula is experiencing. Earlier this week I managed to shut down the site by trying to modify some of the technical code for the theme. Thanks to the folks over at DreamHost, the site was back up in a matter [...]